About Us



t-rasa.com are a group of business entrepreneurs who are experts in the restaurant industry. We work in areas all across the UK and have built up a good knowledge of the specific tastes of each area. Having been trading for over 30 years, we have worked with some fantastically talented chefs and have enjoyed nurturing that talent; turning them into some of the top chefs in the country. Some of those chefs have now become part of the t-rasa.com team, and we are lucky to have such an expert workforce in place.


t-rasa.com are always looking to expand our restaurant base, and are considering working with restaurants in other areas of Europe. If you are looking to sell our buy a restaurant abroad, we really want to hear from you as we are hoping to expand our operations over the next 12 months. Equally, if you want to buy a restaurant in the UK, please do not hesitate to contact us.