Buying a restaurant


Are you frequently praised for your culinary skills, but have nowhere to take them? Do you see yourself as the next Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson but need the world stage to perform on? Are you passionate about producing high quality foods that are worth the expensive plates that you serve them on to? If so, have you ever considered buying a restaurant?

Buying a restaurant can feel like a risky enterprise, especially if you do not have any previous experience of running one. It might seem as though there are a large quantity of factors involved – too much to think about when your skills are still unproven. For example, how will you negotiate key deals with quality food suppliers? How much will your employees wages cost you? Who will run the restaurant when you’re on holiday? With the wrong attitude, the list of reasons not to buy a restaurant is endless.

If, however, you have the right attitude, and a burning passion to open a restaurant, along with the management skills to keep it going, buying a restaurant might be easier than you think. Even if you start to doubt your skills as chef, you can always employ someone else to come in and do that for you. are a company who specialise in buying and selling restaurants across the UK. We have worked with over 200 independent restaurants, many of which are now successful and popular restaurants in their own right. Our expertise in the restaurant enables us to sell restaurants on to people, giving them the option to sell a share back to us. Having our experience on board is a valuable asset to have, as we know what it takes to make a successful restaurant work.

What we do

We work with (and have shares in) some of the biggest restaurants in the UK, and have learnt many of the skills it takes to constantly make a profit. We have focussed our attention on the restaurant industry as it is where most of our staff specialise. We are also passionate about food, and love working with new talents to bring them into a suitable restaurant environment, to help them fulfil their potential.

Our aim is to work with you, to ensure that you are buying the perfect restaurant to suit your requirements. We use modern technology to show you the locations of our restaurants that are up for sale. Download our app to be kept up to date with the latest restaurants that appear on the market, or to locate a suitable one for you. requests that you register for a user account. Having completed the contact details, we then ask you some questions about your experience in the restaurant industry, and the type of food that you specialise in cooking. This allows us to build up some sort of profile about you. Using this information, we search our database for the restaurants that we have available, and get back to you with the details of any vacancies.

We really love getting to know new buyers, and after you have registered with us, we try to book a consultation meeting with you, so that we can discuss your requirements in more detail. During this meeting, we often offer suggestions as to things that you could try practicing, to see if your skills match the nation’s high standards. If you are happy to practice, we are more than happy to test the food that you have tried!

Many of our customers initially come to us with a view of buying a restaurant in a specific area of the UK. However, after meeting with you, we are often able to suggest other locations where your cooking might be better suited. For example, if you are an expert cooker of curries, we might suggest that you look into buying a restaurant within the curry mile of Manchester. Of course, your area of residence is important to you, but we are happy to give suggestions as to where your skills might be best suited. Visit on for helpful information.

After we have found you a suitable business, we then like to keep a share in the restaurant, so that we can help you to thrive. This is only optional however; we do appreciate that some people prefer to take complete control. We sometimes find that people are relieved that we stayed on board, as we have become experts in knowing the requirements of different areas of the UK. When we retain a share in the restaurant, it obviously costs you slightly less to buy, as you will not have 100% ownership.

Can I afford it?

Passionate chefs do not let anything get in the way of their dreams, including money. There are many sources of finance for new restaurant owners, and we are happy to help you source this through the contacts we have made throughout our trading history. Loan agreements, and mortgage agreements can be easily repaid once you become the successful restaurant that you are aiming to be!